Cheap Chips offer 128GB SDXC cards in Lexar, SanDisk and Verbatim and a range of different speeds to suit your needs.

Speed Class

  • Class 10: suitable for HD still consecutive recording, HD and Full HD video recording

UHS Speed Class

  • UHS-I: Full higher potential of recording real-time broadcasts and capturing large-size HD videos
  • UHS-I (U3): Capable of recording 4K2K video: (UHS Speed Class 3 denotes 30 MB/s minimum write speed)
  • UHS-II: Suitable for cameras that support UHS-II format for super fast speeds.

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Professional Photographers! Buy A 128GB SD Card Online

The digital age has opened up a tonne of possibilities for photographers. Namely, new gear with the capacity to hold much more than old-school rolls of film ever did. Nowadays, you can shoot hundreds, or even thousands of images on a single card, allowing you to stay out in the field longer, and never having to miss a critical shot. That is if you have the right card. If you're still using an old card that only holds a few gigs, you have to ask yourself, “why not buy a 128GB SD card online?” Consider this: older cards, in addition to not having much storage capacity, can also have compatibility issues with newer devices. It's entirely possible that your old card will cut out on you, leaving you with a corrupt memory unit that still has all your pictures on it! Also, newer cards have been outfitted with some features that aid the high-performance demands of modern photography: extraordinary transfer speeds, HD video/image capacity, and toughness to last in the harshest conditions. Your best bet is to buy a 128GB SD card online from Cheap Chips, the superior online supplier of all kinds of memory and storage devices. We don't string customers along with misrepresentations of our inventory. We let you know exactly what we have in stock so you can make your purchase and receive your merchandise quickly. We ship same day if you order before 4pm, and even have options available for next-day delivery. If you need quality products in a speedy fashion, why not order from Cheap Chips today?

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