16GB Flash Drives

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Looking for the Right Flash Drive? When in Doubt, Buy a 16GB USB Flash Drive Online

Are you in the process of deciding what USB flash drive is right for you? If there is a standard USB drive size—in terms of storage capacity—it has to be 16GB. For most users, a 16GB USB flash drive will provide enough storage space for common applications. The smaller size also means that you can buy a 16GB USB flash drive online, choose a model with state of the art features and still spend less than $20.

If your primary use for a flash drive is to transport files from one device to another—rather than long-term or permanent storage—then a 16GB flash drive should do nicely. It offers enough storage capacity to put dozens of written documents, photos, mp3 files, presentation files or video files in your pocket. When you run out of space, just delete a few out of date files. Better yet, buy another 16GB USB flash drive online from Cheap Chips for extra storage.

In addition to simple storage, different 16GB USB flash drive models include a range of other features. These features include secure encryption, file backup, rapid read and write speeds, ultra compact designs and more. Scroll down to browse the different 16GB flash bite models we have available at Cheap Chips.

See an item that isn't in stock? Fear not: Cheap Chips can get it for you. Just place your order and allow an extra 24-48 hours for us to source your item and ship it to you. Contact us if you have any questions.

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