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Balance Storage and Budget: Buy a 64GB USB Flash Drive Online from Cheap Chips

Why choose between having a lot of storage space and staying on a tight budget? When you buy a 64GB USB flash drive online from Cheap Chips, you can do both. Our selection of 64GB flash drive models include products from trusted brands like SanDisk and Verbatim and run the range from basic budget models to more feature-rich high-end models.

Indeed, Cheap Chips has a 64GB USB flash drive for everyone. Stay on the budget end of things with the Verbatim 64GB PinStripe, a retractable flash drive that runs USB 2.0 and provides write speeds up to 10 megabytes per second. Alternatively, go for a luxury model like the SanDisk 64GB Extreme—a USB flash drive that offers USB 3.0, easy to customise encryption settings and out of this world read speeds of 190 megabytes per second.

If you are looking to buy a 64GB USB flash drive online from Cheap Chips, our team can help you sort through our selection and find the right model. What shape and design do you like? What size would you prefer, for portability's sake? How important are fast read and write speeds for your purposes? How much money are you willing to spend? By answering these questions, we can help you navigate to the perfect 64GB flash drive for work or play.

Scroll down to start learning more about the 64GB USB flash drives available for purchase at Cheap Chips. Contac us today for extra assistance.

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