256GB USB Flash Drive

Fit a Whole Computer’s Worth of Files in Your Pocket with a 256GB USB Flash Drive

The first hard drive ever made was shipped by IBM in 1956 and allowed for the storage of just 5 megabytes of data. The system was the size of two refrigerators and cost $50,000. Half a century later, hard drives could hold 750 gigabytes of data in a fraction of the space and for a fraction of the cost. These days, the largest drives can hold 100 terabytes of data or more—or 100 million megabytes. Even today’s flash drives—the size of a stick of gum—hold many, many times what a massive room-sized hard drive could hold 60 years ago. At Cheap Chips, we are proud to offer several 256GB USB models.

Our 256GB USB Flash Drives

For those doing the math, a 256GB USB drive can hold 51,200 times more data than a massive hard drive could hold in 1956. Even just 20 years ago, this much data in such a small package would have seemed inconceivable. These products, though, are lightning fast, extremely reliable and backed up with special features like file encryption and privacy protection.

Whether you need a place to store excess photos, videos and music files or need a quick and easy way to back up your computer’s hard drive, a large thumb drive can make your life easier than ever before. Even just a few years ago, you would have needed to carry around an external hard drive to create a backup this large. Now, you can fit the entire contents of your laptop on your keyring.

Get Same Day Shipping for Your New Thumb Drive When You Order from Cheap Chips

Ordering from Cheap Chips makes it extremely easy to get your hands on a new 256GB flash drive—or several! Just start browsing our site, pick the 256GB drive you like best and place your order. So long as we received your order before 4pm, we will ship your flash drive out that day. Whether you need a new flash drive because an old one broke, because you need to back up files ASAP or because you don’t have a flash drive big enough to create the kind of backup you need, we can help. Speedy delivery is one of the factors that set Cheap Chips apart from other online vendors that carry this type of product. Once you’ve placed your order, you can also track it via Australia Post.

Portable digital storage technology gets better and better, and at Cheap Chips, we are proud to always offer the latest innovations in the medium. When you don’t upgrade your flash drive very often, it’s easy to miss the quantum leaps forward. However, if you’re tired of dealing with a flash drive that is too small, too slow, or not reliable enough, Cheap Chips can help. Order your 256GB USB flash drive and embrace the latest technology.

Do you have questions about the differences between the various 256GB drives we have in stock? Contact us directly to learn more.