64GB Micro Sd Card

Save Money When You Buy a New 64GB Micro SD Card Online

Have you been looking to get a great bargain on a brand name 64GB SD or Micro SD card? With Cheap Chips in Australia, you can do just that without even leaving the comfort of your own home! Since 2004, we have been offering flash memory cards and a range of other versatile memory solutions at the cheapest prices possible. Say you are looking to buy a 64GB SD card with a market list price of $625. At Cheap Chips, you might be able to find the 64GB SD card you are looking for $319—literally hundreds of dollars less than you could have spent somewhere else.

Brand Names Preserved

At Cheap Chips, when we tell our customers how inexpensive our products really are, they often assume that we are peddling knock-off flash memory cards that are inferior to what other sites are carrying. This assumption is completely untrue. In fact, at Cheap Chips, we are an authorised reseller (not to mention one of Australia's most trusted sources) for memory cards from the likes of SanDisk, Lexar and Verbatim.

These are globally-recognised brand names in the memory card industry, and their products are trusted everywhere for use in mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, tablets, GPS systems and other electronic devices. At Cheap Chips, we are selling authentic memory card products from these acclaimed brands.

There's no catch: these aren't knockoffs or reject products, and they aren't used or broken down. On the contrary, every chip we sell on our website is backed by a manufacturer's warranty. Rest assured, if you buy a 64GB micro SD card from our website, it will be as dependable and high-performing as it would be if you purchased it directly from SanDisk or Verbatim, or from another vendor. At Cheap Chips, we just offer better prices than most other stores or suppliers.

Dependable Delivery of Your New 64GB Micro SD Card

As you browse the Cheap Chips website, looking to buy your new 64GB micro SD card (or any other product), you may notice a message informing you that the memory card you are looking for is 'temporarily out of stock' and 'cannot be ordered online until new stock arrives.'

At Cheap Chips, we always try to be completely honest with our customers about our inventory. How many customers have ordered something online, counting on a quick delivery, only to learn later that the product they purchased was backordered, and that the delivery is going to take two or three times longer than they initially expected? In the best circumstances, such a scenario can be frustrating; if you are counting on your new 64GB micro SD card for work, though, or to get a malfunctioning mobile phone back up and running, delayed orders can be even more problematic.

For those reasons, Cheap Chips doesn't even let customers order items that are not currently in our stock. If you still wish to buy your new 64GB micro SD card from us, you can contact our sales team at services@cheapchips.com.au. If you can't wait for the memory card and need to make your purchase somewhere else, we respect that decision as well. Our goal is simply to provide you with all the information you need to make the right purchasing decision.