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Type A CFexpress Cards

Shop for CFexpress Type A cards online at Cheap Chips. A variety to choose from for the professional and the price conscious. Available in 80GB, 120GB and 320GB. more.


Memory Card Capacity

USB drives, Solid State Drives (SSD)  and camera memory cards, collectively known as “flash memory” devices are generally based on a technology known as NAND flash. It is common that the user capacity reported by the user’s computer system or device does not match more.


32GB Micro SD Cards and Beyond: Finding and Buying the Best Memory Cards Online

When it comes to finding and buying the best memory cards online, Cheap Chips is the place to shop if you live in Australia. Whether you are a looking to buy a 32gb micro SD card, a 64gb standard SD card or virtually more.


Save Money When You Buy a New 64gb Micro SD Card Online

Have you been looking to get a great bargain on a brand name 64gb SD or Micro SD card? With Cheap Chips in Australia, you can do just that without even leaving the comfort of your own home! Since 2004, we have been more.


Shop Cheap Chips for a Consumer-Friendly Way to Buy 128gb Micro SD Cards Online

Tired of dealing with long shipping times, unclear tracking information or inconvenient payment options when you shop online? With Cheap Chips, we promise that you will never have to deal with any of the above. Since 2004, we have been more.


Cheap Chips: Offering Micro SD Cards for Sale Since 2004

If you have been looking for a place to buy micro SD cards for sale at reasonable prices, look no further. At Cheap Chips, we have been trading in micro SD cards since 2004, specialising in recognisable name-brand products more.


Buy SD Cards and Enjoy Great Customer Service at Low Sale Prices at Cheap Chips!

Too often in today's modern age of online e-commerce shopping, it becomes nearly impossible to get an actual person on the phone to answer your questions or help you with your purchases. At Cheap Chips—Australia's authorised reseller for more.


Buy a 16GB USB Flash Drive From Cheap Chips! 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB Option Also Available

This is the age of digital data – and, consequently, digital storage. Consumers are forever transferring files and sharing information, and the need for USB devices continues to grow. This is why Cheap Chips offers more.


Want To Buy A Lexar Compact Flash Card? Contact Cheap Chips for a Great Price on Lexar and SanDisk Products

Storage demands are infinite, which is why Cheap Chips offers access to superior flash products, allowing our customers to choose the right options for their recordings, photos, and other data. Our inventory boasts more.


Cheap Chips: Where You Can Buy a SanDisk SD Card or Micro SD Card at a Great Price

The cornerstone of any business is how it treats its customers, which is why Cheap Chips strives to provide you with the service you deserve. We’re dedicated to a superior inventory and superior communication, and this more.

Need a Secure Site to buy a Compact Flash Card Reader or a Micro SD Card Reader? Choose Cheap Chips!

According to the Australian Federal Police (AFP), identity theft costs the country an estimated $1.6 billion a year. The majority of that is generated through credit card fraud and information interception, with third more.

Fit a Whole Computer’s Worth of Files in Your Pocket with a 256GB USB Flash Drive

The first hard drive ever made was shipped by IBM in 1956 and allowed for the storage of just 5 megabytes of data. The system was the size of two refrigerators and cost $50,000. Half a century later, hard drives could hold 750 gigabytes of more..

Are You Shopping for a 256GB MicroSD Card? Look No Further Than Cheap Chips

Shopping for a MicroSD card can be more complicated than it seems on first blush. What size of card do you need? What do you have to think about in terms of card speed? What do you need to know about card formats? Is the card you are buying more..

What does SDXC Stand for on My 256GB SD Card?

If you’ve recently purchased an SD card, you might notice some additional letters on the side. Sometimes, the card might read ‘SDHC.’ Other times it might be ‘SDXC.’ Any 256GB card is SDXC, for instance. What do these letters mean and how are they more..

Do You Need a Compact Flash 256GB Card? Buy from Cheap Chips for Quality Cards and Quick Delivery

If your new digital camera or camcorder requires a compact flash card, Cheap Chips can help. Buy a compact flash 256GB card from us you will not only get a quality card, but you’ll also get a terrific price, quick delivery, and full customer more..