Increasing the Memory On Your Smart Phones and iPhone

Author: Clayton T   Date Posted:1 April 2020 

Increasing the Memory On Your Smart Phones and iPhone

Most android phones and Tablets have a memory slot to add a microSD card so you can increase the phones ability to store photos, files, music and apps.

Just because all microSD cards are the same physical size, doesn’t mean they will work in your phone. It is best to check the phone manual to find the maximum capacity microSD card your phone can use. microSDHC (4GB – 32GB) and microSDXC (64GB – 1TB). If your phone accepts microSDXC it will also accept microSDHC. You can’t use a microSDXC card in a phone that only accepts cards up to 32GB (microSDHC).

Make sure the phone/tablet is turned off before installing or removing the card. The new card should be formatted in the phone once installed.

App Performance Classes were introduced to microSD cards a few years ago to assure minimum random and sequential speeds for running and storing requirements. The App Performance Class (App speed) has two speed rating, Class 1 (A1) and Class 2 (A2).

See below for minimum Input and Outputs per second (IOPS)

  • A1 Min Random Read of 1500 IOPS and Min Random Write of 500 IOPS
  • A2 Min Random Read of 4000 IOPS and Min Random Write of 2000 IOPS

List of A1 and A2 microSD cards:

We might have your phone listed in our guide. Click here to have a look.

iPhones don’t offer a microSD slot but you can use a dual ended USB stick like the SanDisk iXpand to store your favourite movies and music. It can also be used to download your photos to free up space on your iPhones internal memory.