Micro Sd Cards For Sale


Cheap Chips: Offering Micro SD Cards for Sale Since 2004

If you have been looking for a place to buy micro SD cards for sale at reasonable prices, look no further. At Cheap Chips, we have been trading in micro SD cards since 2004, specialising in recognisable name-brand products from the likes of SanDisk, Lexar and Verbatim. We are an authorised reseller for these brands and others, and have an extensive range of products that you can review on our website, www.cheapchips.com.au.

Why a Micro SD Card?

If you are shopping around for micro SD cards for sale, then you are probably already aware of the multiple different applications that these memory cards can serve. For those who are not familiar with the differences between standard SD cards and micro SD cards, though, here is a basic review.

Essentially, an SD card and a micro SD card serve the same purpose, which is to store a large amount of data onto a very small flash memory card. Micro SD cards are just generally smaller and more versatile than their standard SD cousins. Which kind of card you need will depend on your device, so double check the product specs of your digital camera, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop before buying a micro SD card from Cheap Chips.

Why Shop at Cheap Chips?

Once you have decided which kind of memory card you are actually looking for, your next question will likely be this: why should you shop at Cheap Chips? What makes us the best place to buy a new micro SD card?

First of all, consider our longevity. We have been serving Australia's memory card needs for over a decade now. We began selling memory cards back in 2004, when the devices that used them (digital cameras and mobile phones, primarily) were first really starting to become commonplace.

Since then, we have become one of the most dependable places in Australia for finding micro SD cards for sale. Our customers trust us for a variety of reasons, including our competitive prices, speedy shipping, secure website and more. Our products are all backed by the manufacturer's warranty, as well, so customers never have to worry about receiving a faulty micro SD card from our store.

Perhaps our biggest asset at Cheap Chips, though, is the personal nature of our customer service staff. Customers can shop our entire product inventory online, but they can also ring us any time to speak to a customer service representative in person. Our team knows everything there is to know about memory cards and other data storage solutions. They will be able to help you choose the right chip for your device, or to answer any other questions you might have.

Are you interested in working with Cheap Chips for your micro SD card needs? If so, visit our website, give us a call at 45 169 737 179 or send us an email at service@cheapchips.com.au. Based in Brisbane, we operate between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00, Monday through Friday. Our online store, of course, can be viewed at any time.