Finding the Best Micro SD Card for a Samsung Galaxy S7

The best practice with the Galaxy S7 is to find a Class 10 Micro SD card. These cards are fast enough to handle the high demand of the S7’s camera. Going for a lower-class SD card might result in the phone restricting the length of your videos. Faster SD cards also give better app performance, allowing you to enjoy higher resolution videos from YouTube or Netflix and more.

One of the best things about choosing the Samsung Galaxy as your phone—as opposed to the Apple iPhone—is the ability to expand the device’s storage capacity using a Micro SD memory card. The Samsung Galaxy S7, for instance, starts with internal storage of 32, 64 or 128 gigabytes, depending on which phone model you choose. By picking out the best SD card for your Samsung Galaxy S7, you can add a significant amount of extra space for photos, videos, apps or music.

How to Tell Good SD Cards from Average or Mediocre ones?

Some users equate the search for the ‘best’ SD card for the Samsung Galaxy S7 with finding the highest capacity card. Indeed, capacity is essential, as your goal with an SD card is to add more storage space to your phone. If you are adding external storage, you probably want as much storage space as you can get for a reasonable price.

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